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About Infomart

We are a UK based IT Consultancy and web development company. Our Headoffice is based in London and we have branches in India and Srilanka.

Our highly skilled installations team bring with them years of experience and industry qualifications. With our wide ranging skills and expertise we are able to offer fully integrated solutions, whatever your needs, whether you are a non-profit organisation or a multi-million pound business. All our products are designed from the ground up, fully tailored to the individaul requirements of each of our customers. We'll gather your requirements and develop your IT solition using the latest technologies. We provide support and maintenance for all systems that we build.

We have a large number of clients, mainly in London but also as far afield as Europe, Africa, India and Srilanka. We have a very high customer satisfaction amongst our clients and we spend time with them and work hard to ensure they are happy.

Our solutions are fully customisable to meet your business demands and to maximise your return on investment Most software solutions now cloud based. Our team of web developers are profound to work on any web based project, from simple websites to full content management systems (CMS), E-commerce shopping carts, customer relationship management (CRM) to any bespoke solution. We offer a range of all-inclusive services to manage and support your IT atmosphere and business processes. .

Our approach is based on clearly identification of client’s environmental synergies, evaluating enhancement opportunities and ensuring successful solutions implementation through the use of structured IT Consultancy techniques and the most appropriate latest technologies.

Our role is to support clients in any phase or in all phases through to successful implementation, and if desired, operation of the IT based projects. We are obliged to work and to make a significant contribution at any or all stages of the solution development.

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